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e are the fourth and fifth generations of Prestons to operate our cattle and sheep ranch. I have been going to the mountains herding livestock since I was seven years old. My wife Bonnie, and our children have been going with me since we were married, and they were born. I love the mountains. They give me a peaceful easy feeling. I also enjoy caring for livestock; it seems to put me in touch with a part of the past that we as a society seem near to losing. Tending livestock is a part of our human history and thought pattern that, except for this generation, runs all the way back through the old testament times in the Psalms of David to somewhere beyond Aristotle in early Greece. Animals grazing the earth and herders tending them have been a part of our history since long before we (as a species) knew what time it was.
     While many people lament modern times, I, for the most part, enjoy them. But I do feel that one of the things we seem to be losing that we need the most is our closeness to the land we live on, and the other animals that we share this land with.
     I cannot help but think that there are people out here who would enjoy seeing some very pretty country, and they would like to have pastoralist who enjoy that land as their guide.
     I am interested in finding this type of person for two reasons: Number one, it would be good for them, and number two, it would be good for me. I believe there is something to be gained from "kissin' the Blarney" on this part of our past, especially for the folks that don't get to do it very often. And, as much as I love my family's ranch the way it was, that is not the economic reality of the present time. For those high mountain valley ranches, it takes more than merely producing food to service. If I can somehow help others gain a fuller, deeper understanding of the world we live in, or even help them be in a place where they are bound to be struck with this sort of understanding even though I am there also, and at the same time be able to create an economy that will keep our ranch viable, that strikes me as a WIN/WIN situation.
     We are inviting you to come to our cow camp and herd cattle with us. I think you will find a touch of our long distant past tending livestock, and some near distant heritage of the cowboy culture. I cannot guarantee that you will always be comfortable. In fact, It would find it easier to guarantee that there will be times that your are uncomfortable; either too cold, too hot, too many flies, the scenery is hurting your eyes, or the damn cows are in the wrong place. Furthermore, I can't guarantee that you will be totally safe. Here again, I have to bet the other way, riding horses in the mountains is riskier than sittin' at home watching someone else do it on T.V.; furthermore, I doubt there is one of us that gets out of this life alive, but our horses are as good as they come, and we promise to do everything we can to make you as safe and comfortable as possible in the particular circumstances we are in. We have a few extra slickers, but it is really up to you to bring your own rain gear.
          Looking forward to meeting you,
               Roger Preston, DVM


     We are located in beautiful Star Valley, Wyoming, about 60 miles south of Jackson Hole. We are a one and a half hours drive to Grand Teton National Park and a two hours drive to Yellowstone National Park. Star Valley is surrounded by national forest and high mountains. The mountains provide an abundance of beauty and recreation such and hunting, fishing, white water and scenic rafting, golfing, hiking, horseback riding, waterskiing, boating, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, and much, much more.

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