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Hi Paul-
     I've been cowboyin', packin' and outfittin' for over 40 years. Never have I used a tool like the "Uluchet", it works for everything from cuttin' to slicin' to chopin'. Hell, I even cut spuds with it.

               Doug B.
               Cowboy Packer Guide

Dear PJ Turner Knife Mfg. Inc.:
     I'm writing you in regards to your Uluchet knife. I purchased one last fall, and was amazed at how useful and durable the knife is. Last fall I caped, gutted and quartered one deer, and three elk; and never had to give it a thorough sharpening (still haven't). As a professional guide and outfitter, it's nice to find a tool that can stand the abuse put to it. I feel you should be commended for your design and craftsmanship of the Uluchet.
               Thanks again!
Shawn D. Plakke
               Owner/operator of Bugle Basin Outfitters, Afton, Wy.
               (307) 886-0603

The Uluchet!
Paul Turner is a genius! My recent Elk hunt was a late fall hunt in the Teton country north of our home. Temperatures hung hardly above zero! After dropping my elk I began to field dress with my big leatherman. It is a great tool, but in the cold the going was slower than I'd hoped. I had recently bought my sons Uluchets for their birthdays but had forgotten about them! Jason pulled his out and said, "Dad, you want to try this?" I took it and within minutes the job was done! It not only superbly cut the skin but it easily cut through the pelvis and breast bones as well! When skinning, the Uluchet perfectly separated the skin from the carcass as though it were butter. Because of it's shape it kept me from nicking hide or meat. It also performed many other tasks which make it the ultimate tool of the wilderness!
     Thanks Paul, for the knife of all knives! It's everything from a knife to a hatchet to a tomahawk! In my estimation there is no knife better for the wild where, needless to say, I spend a lot of my time!
     Thanks to my wife Pam for my birthday present, the Uluchet!
                Jonathan "The Bear Man"

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