"This is the poor baby's nose I am trying to help.  He's a 3 year old paint, white nosed.  Looks painful (pictured left).  I will send you an after picture if your remedy helps him out (pictured right).  We have had up and down cold snaps here in West Texas, which may have caused this. You can have the pics for your website if you like.  I am fine with you using them.  His nose was raw, what a difference.  I would have spent a bunch of money and time at the vet.  Your treatment was a real time and money saver.
THANKS!"  Texas

Scratches Formula has been tested and endorsed by
"Dr. Harris, a veterinarian in Wyoming, has developed an inexpensive…treatment.  We tried it on a resistant, serious case of scratches with cellulitis and found excellent relief of heat and swelling within 24 hours…we like Dr. Harris' formula best…"

"I just
wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your Scratches remedy!  My horse, Ruggles, has gotten scratches before and I have always been able to take care of it quickly with the usual concoction I can get from my vet.  Last year, however, was a different story.  I had been treating, seemingly a mild case, on one hind pastern since September.  The area was about the size of a nickel - it never got better or worse no matter what I tried.  Then in mid-December - literally overnight - Ruggles developed a severe case of cellulitis in that leg!  After a 10 day stay in the local vet clinic, he came home with a much more severe case of scratches - covering the entire back half of his pastern. (pictured right) The cellulitis was 'under control' with antibiotics but his condition was not improving. We had tried a couple of other approaches to the scratches without success when I came across your website. I started using your Scratches remedy on a Sunday evening, and by Wednesday morning some of the scabs began to loosen up...The cellulitis in his leg has also diminished considerably, and he no longer carries heat in that leg. I think we are finally within days of him being totally better!  I have just ordered another package of the Scratches remedy from your website- I imagine he will get scratches again, and I will be ready to attack it this time with the right stuff!  Thanks again!"  Illinois

"I just wanted to tell you your formula worked immediately on my Finn.  I tried several things prior to the arrival of the meds.  Started it as soon as I could.  It started working the first day... and the scratches have all healed...I hope anyone experiencing this with their horses would start this formula before all the other treatments one is informed of."  Illinois

"Just wanted to let you know, I had tried to clear up my horse's scratches from August until November, pills, ointments...nothing seemed to work.  The scratches are finally gone, thanks to your remedy! My horse had it on all four legs up to her knees-she had been very tolerant of me washing/shaving scrubbing and picking at her, but again your treatment was wonderful, I didn't do hardly any of that. THANK YOU!"    Minnesota

"I was leery of getting something off the internet-but your formula worked!  I have a white Arab and we recently moved from Virginia , where I did not experience scratches, to Michigan with dewy pastures.  I did not have to wrap, shave or keep my horse in while using the product.  After about 8-10 days I was able to wash off the dried scabs with no discomfort to my horse.  I highly rec
ommend your formula, thank you."  Michigan

"Thank you so much for creating your scratches product.  My mare had a very resistant case this past spring/summer.  About 3 months in all. I had spent hundreds of dollars trying to cure it, only to find the remedies would work for so long and then seem to stop.  I was skeptical to try your remedy but very desperate.   It was difficult to leave the hard black scabs that developed after spraying alone but I followed the directions.  I could not believe when they just started to fall away with light brushing.  I am so pleased, just wanted to share my experience.  I have just ordered a second packet as I never want to be caught without it on hand again!  Thank You."  Wisconsin

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"Your treatment has worked better than anything else I've tried (& I've tried a lot).  One of my affected horses is completely cleared up and the other is almost clear.  It was very easy to use. I just sprayed it on once a day at first and then every other day. THANK YOU!" Oregon

"I cannot believe my horse is completely healed!  My mare rubbed her legs badly from wearing boots..., and the bacteria that causes scratches/mud fever, set in all around her pasterns in the rub mark areas. then continued to infect her skin until it continued up her entire leg almost to her knees, in all four legs!  To date, I have spent a little over $400 in vet bills.  I have treated this condition DAILY! never neglected a single day!  This started in July and continued to March. NINE MONTHS!  In desperation, I emailed you for your spray...which was applied to her leg...  In summary, here's what your medication did in exactly 8 days...The oozing stopped, good type scab healing commenced, and now it is naturally dropping off as I am just starting to brush her leg.  IT REALLY WORKED!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!'  Ontario, CANADA

"I am always skeptical of formulas that claim to work, but I am SOLD!!  My 18 year old QH gelding has had scratches, (mud fever,greasy heal ect..) for 3 1/2 months and was getting worse.  He had scabs and had raw bloody areas on both back with legs. I was probably exacerbating the problem by picking and trying to keep it clean. The winter months had set it in; I did not know what to do next.  Nothing was working.  I did some Google searches and came across your product.  I thought I had nothing to loose.  After one packet and 2 weeks of using the product, I began to see results!  Now the scabs are flaking off and the hair is growing back!  I did not even pick or touch the scabs.  It's a miracle product and I would highly recommend it to anyone with this kind of problem!  It was so easy to apply with no aggravation to the horse.  We are both very happy!   Thank you very much!"  Michigan

"I dealt with scratches in my dairy goats on and off for twenty-five years in Vermont.  During many winters I would have a couple of cases for which I tried everything available with mixed results and never any clear cure---although once the goats were turned out in the summer, obvious symptoms disappeared, leaving me questioning if I should have attempted to do anything at all.  I was wondering if my various efforts--with DMSO, DMSO, Betadyne, TBZ, tea tree oil, sublimed sulphur, lard(?!) etc. etc. (not all at once of course!)--might simply have been spreading the infection, causing irritation, and making things worse!  So when my horse started being bothered by itchy hindquarters (scratches? rain rot?--same cause?) I was reluctant to do anything but keep an eye on the bumps and make note of the dry, flaking skin.  I tried a couple of mild antibacterial shampoos but the situation remained the same.  I did not want to go back to all the messy and disappointing remedies I'd used on the goats and when I came across your website I figured I had nothing to lose.  YOUR FORMULA IS FANTASTIC.  Within 24 hours, after 3 applications, I could tell that my horse was more comfortable.  I didn't clip his hair but sprayed the affected areas lightly, and around 8 hours later, brushed very gently with a soft brush to remove flaking skin before spraying again.  I have now treated him like this for a full week and at this point his skin is barely flaking at all and some of his hair is already starting to grow back.  I think I will continue to brush lightly and spray lightly twice a day for another seven days just to make sure the infection is gone for good.  I certainly wish I had taken before and after photos.  We live in NM and the humidity here is very low most of the time and I am surprised that my horse didn't have this problem when we lived in hot, humid, cold, damp Iowa!  Although maybe he had a touch of it then and I never realized it--he has always seemed to have dry skin or dandruff.  Also, if there is one dirty area of his pen, he is the kind of horse that will choose to sleep in it, so obviously I need to be extra conscientious in cleaning up after him.
Again, many thanks for your formula.  It is easy to use and unlike everything else I have tried in the last thirty five years, it actually WORKS!" New Mexico

"Dr. Harris, I just wanted to let you know that the formula is working for my horse.  We started using it, and except for one spot on one foot, the condition has cleared up (two weeks later).  I'm so thankful that I found your web site. THANKS."   Tennessee

"I have a quarter horse who started breaking with the scratches in September of 2008.  I did the Neosporin for a few months with little or no response.  I then used the mixture of TBZ, wormer, DMSO and Cortisone cream till June 2009.  Again it helped very little and sores would break out worse.  From June 2009 to September 2010, I tried the Desitin, Neosporin and Cortisone cream.  It had the same pattern improvement and then breaks out worse.  I believe the need of daily wiping of the legs because of the dirt on them and reapplying the cream spread the problem.  I purchased your product in September 2010.  It has been really nice not to have to wipe the legs daily and cause pain to my horse.  He stands untied and I spray the legs as he eats his grain.  The hair has grown back very nicely.  Since he is a halter shown horse, it is important for his legs to look presentable at the shows." Minnesota

"Thank you for your prompt service, your product is wonderful, my horses legs are looking great already, the scabs are all but gone, amazing!!!"  New York  (endorsement received 7/13/11 after one week of use)

"My horse developed scratches and after researching on the web, I ordered some of your formula.  I was ABSOLUTELY AMAZED at how quickly it worked.  I am so thrilled with the results and to think there was no picking them off or doing all the old time stuff to get rid of them.  WOW!  Again, thank you so much for the scratches formula.  Should Champ get them again, I won't hesitate to order more and have given your website to a friend whose horse has the problem.  A VERY satisfied customer." Arizona

"Your formula has virtually saved my life, not to mention the relief for my horse.  Nothing has been as effective as your formula.  THANK YOU!"  Arizona


"I just wanted to tell you that I love your product.  My 26 year old Dutch Warmblood contracted the worst case of scratches I've ever seen.  He had it on all 4 feet, especially bad on the two hind legs.  He has had it before and I used your product with great results.  I was afraid that this case was so bad that I would have to do something else.  It took longer than before to heal, but he is now clearly on the mend with the two front legs completely clear and the hind legs clearing up nicely.  Thank you so much for this formula, I will never be without it in my barn! Thanks!"  Texas

"Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with your scratches formula.  I had a very tough case and after 6 months, 2 vets, and $200 of products that didn't work, your formula started working right away and in 3 weeks it was gone. I wish I would have used it sooner because scrubbing and picking every day in an unheated barn through a Canadian winter is no fun at all."  CANADA

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