Q. Are you a legitimate Vet? 
A.  Yes,  Dr. Harris is a graduate of Washington State University and practices Veterinary Medicine in Wyoming
A.  SCRATCHES FORMULA is a proprietary formulation, effective against bacteria, fungi, Protozoa, Rickettsia and Chlamydia.  It is antimicrobial and is especially formulated by Dr. Harris, to be effective in combating the organisms responsible for Scratches infection.  This treatment was developed by Dr. Harris, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, in 1995.
Q.  What is Scratches and what causes it?
A.  Scratches is an infection of usually white feet and faces- properly called Facial or Pastern Dermatitis.  The predisposing causes of Scratches are multiple, including genetics, environment, irritation, sunlight and allergies.  The symptoms of Scratches with crusty, scabby, oozy, swollen, sore feet and pasterns are a result of microbial invasion, secondary to one of the many predisposing causes.
Q.  Do I need to pick off the scabs or scrub them off when treating with SCRATCHES FORMULA?
A.  No, just spray it on twice daily.  The only time you wash the legs if they are covered with mud, manure or debris.
Q. Is Scratches contagious?
Scratches is not contagious under normal conditions.  However, horses with white feet and/or faces are more susceptible to Scratches being spread through close contact by scratching, grooming, rubbing on fences or on each other, or through shared grooming tools.  Horses in contact with each other, living in similar conditions, may all have Scratches, suggesting that it could be contagious in those circumstances.
Q.  How long do I need to treat the legs or feet?
A.  Milder cases of a few weeks duration respond quicker than chronic, deep seated, long-term infections lasting months to years.  The average horse will begin to improve within a few days of treatment.  Most cases will be treated for 1-3 weeks.
Q.  What if I suspect my horse has leg mites along with Scratches?
A.  Scratches that does not respond to treatment with SCRATCHES FORMULA when applied according to directions, or that spreads in spite of treatment, may be due to mites.  Mites are treated with a miticide, while using SCRATCHES FORMULA to treat the infection.
Q.  Will Scratches come back?
A.  It can, even though treatment with SCRATCHES FORMULA has cured the present case.  This is because the predisposing cause of Scratches (which can be many things) has not been eliminated.  Environment, sunlight, moisture, irritation, individual genetics, bedding conditions, allergies, etc. are still present.
Q.  Can I use other treatments with SCRATCHES FORMULA?
A.  No, not usually.  Not normally needed or effective.  SCRATCHES FORMULA is made to be effective when used alone for the treatment of Scratches.  Very severe cases of Scratches with cellulitis (fever, swelling, loss of appetite) may need additional support, with systemic antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medication.  Contact your Veterinarian if your horse has a fever, loss of appetitite or severe swelling.
Q.  Will SCRATCHES FORMULA harm my horse?
A.  No.  SCRATCHES FORMULA is safe for all horses, gentle and very effective.
Q.  Should I rest my horse from exercise if he has Scratches?
A.  YES.  Skin that is swollen, cracked and inflamed can be irritated by exercise, allowing the infection to spread deeper into already damaged tissues.  Horses should also be rested and housed in a clean, dry environment if possible, to promote rapid healing. 

Frequently Asked Questions
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