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SCRATCHES FORMULA©:  is a safe, gentle, highly effective treatment for Scratches.  Mites can be successfully treated with a miticide while using SCRATCHES FORMULA to treat the accompanying infection.  SCRATCHES FORMULA is also effective in managing infections secondary to CPL.  SCRATCHES FORMULA is the only Veterinarian developed treatment for Scratches available.  It is safe, gentle, inexpensive, easy to use and very effective.
        Other conditions that resemble Scratches occasionally occur and should be considered if Scratches spreads or does not respond well to proper treatment.  These conditions include:  mites, with a secondary Scratches infection; and Chronic Progressive Lymph Edema (CPL) with infection.  Mite infestations can occur in any breed of horse, in one or in all four feet, in stocking or pigmented feet.  Sometimes, especially in cold weather, mites will spread causing the infection to spread also, in spite of treatment.  Primary Chronic Progressive Lymph Edema (CPL), affects mostly draft breeds with feathered feet.  All four feet are involved, non-pigmented as well as stocking feet.  CPL is progressive, resistant to treatment and thought to be genetically linked.  With CPL, skin nodules ranging from pea to golf ball-size or larger, grow around the pastern areas under the  feathers (hair of the fetlock and pastern).  Secondary CPL, can be caused by trauma or by chronic improperly treated or untreated Scratches.  This may be the case in a horse having fewer than all four legs affected, pigmented as well as non pigmented, or with the involvement of light breed horses as well as draft breeds.  CPL is not considered curable but may in some cases be quite manageable.
Dr. Harris practices Veterinary Medicine in Smoot, Wyoming.  He has a B.S. from University of Idaho and D.V.M. from Washington State University.    He developed SCRATCHES FORMULA© in 1995, after treating many cases of this difficult dermatitis in horses during his years in practice.   He continues to advise and consult on the treatment of Scratches and may be contacted by email at   
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Scratches, properly called Pastern Dermatitis, is a skin infection of the feet, pasterns, fetlocks and legs in horses.  It usually affects horses with white or stocking feet and legs, only occasionally affecting the darker areas.  Symptoms include scabby areas that are sometimes oozy and often inflamed, cracked and swollen.  Affected individuals may become lame.  Horses with white faces or muzzles, can also develop Scratches (Facial Dermatitis) with sore, scabby, cracked areas on the nose and around the mouth.  Scratches occurs worldwide, in every climate, including very dry areas as well as in wet conditions.  Many causes have been associated with Scratches such as:  microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi, irritants, allergies, genetics, sunlight or photosensitivity, nutrition, soil and bedding.  Scratches is not normally considered to be contagious.  Although, a group of horses associating with each other in similar conditions, may all have Scratches.  Scratches tends to persist and reoccur frequently, especially in a horse with white feet and/or face.  Various remedies have been used to treat this aggravating condition; most are very costly and eventually unsuccessful; some may be irritating and others hazardous for both horse and handler.

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